Spotify, Netflix, Uber, and Amazon changed our lives by changing our minds about how we buy, how we sell, and what we choose to own. Now, reimagine homeownership with REAL, the original real estate acquisition lease program.

Change your perspective. Not your aspirations.

REAL is an easy, common-sense experience for buying, selling, and owning property. It’s the right approach for the modern day — giving you a fresh approach to the benefits of homeownership.

  • Identify the property that you want to buy or sell, or that you already own.
  • REAL buys it for cash.
  • You lease it with all the benefits of ownership, including 100% of net appreciation.

Discover how REAL is right for you.

Modern-day circumstances demand modern-day solutions. Enter REAL, the acquisition lease for people who: 

  • Are self-employed, commissioned, or have hard to document income
  • Face a life event such as relocation, retirement, or divorce
  • Otherwise seek the benefits of homeownership without jumping through hoops

Own your experience.

REAL works because it was designed for real life.
Enjoy the property you want without any of the hassle or nonsense.

It’s empowering.

  • Compete and negotiate with the advantages of a cash buyer
  • Purchase like a pro with both control and flexibility
  • Meet your specific needs for almost any circumstance
  • Receive 100% of the net appreciation of your property

It’s right now.

  • Use our safe, quick online application
  • Get same-day credit approval
  • Close as fast as 10 business days from offer acceptance
  • Immediately enjoy all the benefits of homeownership

It makes sense.

  • Easily understand the terms
  • Qualify with fewer limitations on your source of funds or your income
  • Experience a secure, non-invasive process
  • Avoid reams of paperwork

Explore REAL homeownership with us.

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