We see homeownership through a new lens.

What happens when people with years of experience in real estate and finance look at things differently?  They remove barriers and limitations. They obsess over creating a simple, modern solution.  And suddenly, “you can’t” becomes “you can”.

Seashine Property Services is your service provider.

Delivering REAL homeownership requires special people and special capabilities. Seashine Property Services was established to deliver REAL, the original acquisition lease program.  Our mission is to provide exceptional service while empowering you with all of the benefits this innovative Program has to offer.

Seashine Property Services is headquartered in Irvine, California and operates as a licensed real estate property management company. State specific license information is available upon request.

Seashine Capital Management is our parent company.

Seashine Capital Management is an international investment company that manages the investment capital that makes REAL homeownership possible. In support of the program, our US real estate investment trust (REIT) is actively aggregating properties and acquisitions leases.

Seashine Capital Management is headquartered in Irvine, California.  Learn more at www.SeashineCapital.com.

REAL Homeownership Trust is the vault.

The REAL Homeownership Trust exists to ensure that each property and each acquisition lease is protected and safe. The Trust works like a vault. It holds title to each property and receives all cash payments for each acquisition lease. A National Bank trustee and special remoteness provisions separate your home and your Program benefits from business risks that Seashine might face in the future.

The REAL Homeownership Trust is a Delaware statutory trust with offices in Irvine, California.  It is registered in each state it holds property.

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