Agents: Introduce the real estate acquisition lease to your clients.

August 15, 2019 -

It takes a team effort to satisfy the needs of your clients — whether they’re intent on buying their dream home or selling their existing home to make their next move. Using REAL, our real estate acquisition lease program, you can add the significant power of an all-cash offer to your arsenal and reduce transaction closing time to an average of two weeks (versus the typical lending time to close of 49 days).

Everyone on the team has a role to play, so it’s best to identify exactly who we are up front. When your client uses the REAL Program, the REAL Homeownership Trust becomes your buyer. That’s right. Your institutional buyer. We have the means and the expertise to make every home purchase or sale the equivalent of a cash transaction. This empowers both you and your client to act quickly in a tight market, deliver the most competitive bid, and win out in the end. 

So, how does this affect your role? We want to ensure this is a productive partnership throughout the transaction for every customer. If you’ve not worked with the REAL Program before in making the purchase of a home, the information below will be helpful to ensure you have the requirements, up front, for drafting an initial offer. 

Offer Price

The REAL Program relies on you, acting as our agent, to review the property, current market, comps, etc. to best assist our mutual customer and recommend an offer price. Of course, this utilizes all the tools already in your possession and the advantage of an all-cash offer to get us the best deal possible. 

Remember that the buyer to reflect is the REAL Homeownership Trust and the financing type is cash

Offer Accepted

Once the offer is accepted, we’ll conduct a due diligence review and, based on the information collected, determine the decision value — the amount the Trust is willing to pay for the property. This takes into account market data, comps, condition of the property, items that require repair, etc. 

All Terms Approved By “The Team”

With REAL, the customer always remains in control and is assured of reviewing and agreeing to any offer. And they are completely informed of our decision value so they can request to renegotiate the offer or even ask a seller to complete required repairs, if it applies. But ultimately, we review, approve, and execute the contract that you, as our agent, delivers to the seller.

“When our real estate agent told us about this program, it sounded almost too good to be true. After some serious due diligence, including from people who had used the program, we realized that it was a great option that checked all the boxes. Thank you! ”

– Kim and Hugh Levaux

We look forward to working with you and for your clients to help them buy, sell, or access equity in their home through REAL, the original real estate acquisition lease program.