Reimagine ownership in everything.

August 16, 2019 -

For many people, owning a home is the American dream. But is it also the goal? There are plenty of views on why having a home is a fundamental need. It satisfies your need for shelter and protection. It offers a consistent pivot point for your life. It gives you pride of ownership and is, for most people, the best way to build wealth. 

So, if satisfying your needs is your goal, reimagine that ownership is simply having control of something to meet that goal. To keep as long as you wish. To transfer when your needs change. In fact, we’ve all been reimagining ownership in many ways, for some time. And it’s changed everything. 

Netflix transformed the movie-watching experience forever. 

The argument over VHS and Beta was wrong from the beginning. It wasn’t the format, it was the availability, convenience, and ultimately, personal control over the home entertainment experience that was in question. Whomever delivered it fastest and easiest — with a certain nod to quality — was bound to win. DVDs moved the needle on all accounts. All the while, it wasn’t about owning the movie. It was about controlling the experience. 

When Netflix introduced streaming content in 2007, consumers everywhere put the DVDs they owned in a box and didn’t look back. They finally had the entertainment experience they wanted, when they wanted, without waiting to obtain a copy or paying a single late fee.

Auto leasing put the keys in our hands and gave us a better ride. 

Yes, the ride hailing services of Lyft and Uber give many people pause to whether they should ever own a car, especially millennials. Auto leasing remains popular, however, because you often get more car with an affordable  payment. And it’s yours to take home. Auto leasing allows you to enjoy a vehicle when the thrill is high and the maintenance is low. 

With a lease, you’re still able to pick the make and model, and negotiate the best price. And after the term is up, you can either buy the car or turn it in. You have the power to choose your next ride.

REAL is homeownership with benefits and an economic upside. 

REAL brings the concept of homeownership into the 21st century. It’s the original real estate acquisition lease that lets you leverage our buying power to get the home you want, when you want, with the option to purchase at a later time.

This modern-day ownership has another upside, too: home appreciation.

While cars and DVDs have their value, most diminishes over time. With REAL, control means you receive all the benefits of homeownership whether you buy, sell, or stay. And should the net value increase, the additional equity is all yours. 

After all, the American dream is real and so is the reimagination of homeownership. See how REAL can work for your life circumstances, even as they change.