The impact of REAL’s cash offer on your next real estate transaction.

March 26, 2021 -

Real estate agents are enjoying a boom in their industry right now. While the pandemic negatively impacted many industries, it seems to have done the opposite for home buying and selling. A lot of people are looking to get into their dream home or move to an area where they feel like they can thrive. With limited inventory in many housing markets, real estate agents are looking for ways to get their client’s offers accepted and close more deals.

Where the REAL Program can help.

Seashine Capital developed the Real Estate Acquisition Lease (REAL) in 2019 as a way to offer an innovative single-family lease-ownership program to responsible homeowners. It’s designed to be a new option for prime-credit home buyers — a lease-option program that lets agents and their clients choose from any home on the open market and gives consumers the advantages of a professional institutional buyer on their side, the negotiating power of a cash offer, and all the benefits of homeownership (including 100% of net appreciation). 

Think of REAL as the cash-offer option agents can introduce to their clients at any time. It’s the right fit for almost every home purchase situation, giving an advantage over competing offers in active markets.

 The REAL Program is designed to give agents:

  • The power of a cash offer
  • A professional property assessment 
  • Advantages in negotiations
  • Quicker closings and commissions 

And it’s designed to give their clients:

  • The best price for the home of their choice
  • Ease of qualifying
  • Confidence and control over the process
  • All the benefits of homeownership

The REAL Program is revolutionizing homeownership. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a consumer wanting to buy the home of your dreams, the REAL Program could be exactly what you need. Get started with just a few clicks by using our convenient Payment Calculator to estimate the upfront costs.