REAL is for real people.

We saw a need for a simple, common-sense approach to buying, selling, and owning property that fits the modern way of life. So we created REAL. 

Identify the property.

You choose the home, one you want or already own. We buy it for cash and lease it back to you. It’s that simple. 

The real estate acquisition lease is a specialized contract. The REAL Homeownership Trust holds the title while you receive all the benefits of homeownership, including 100% of any net appreciation.

Choose the solution best for you.

Buyers – Select any property on the open market and work with your real estate agent to negotiate as an all-cash buyer. 

Sellers – Sell using REAL and use the proceeds to secure a mortgage on another property — or to make improvements that ensure the home sells for top dollar when you exit the Program.

Get Started

Complete an easy online application. Once you qualify, you’ll have greater control of the process and can close in as few as 10 days.

An experience that makes sense.

With REAL, buying and selling property is easier than ever. Here’s how it works:

Entering the program

Apply online

  • Authorize your credit report and background check
  • Don’t use income or employment for qualifying
  • Don’t restrict your source of funds to close

Pick your property

  • Choose the home you want to buy, sell, or continue to own
  • We make sure the home meets the Program criteria: located in a market we serve; in good structural condition; similar in size and value to other homes in the area
  • We perform due diligence on the property — such as valuation, inspection, etc.

Finalize the terms

  • You lead all contract negotiations
  • Pay an Acquisition Premium to the REAL Homeownership Trust to secure your option to purchase
  • The Trust buys the home for cash and you close using the acquisition lease

Enjoying REAL Homeownership

Welcome home

  • You occupy the property as a primary or second home
  • You make it your home, including keeping up on maintenance and repairs 

Make payments

  • Make monthly payments to the REAL Homeownership Trust
  • The Trust pays all property taxes and insurance during the Program term

What’s next is up to you  

  • Make decisions that work for your life circumstances
  • Choose to exit the Program
  • Or, extend your lease term — with no increase to the price you pay for the home

Exiting the Program

Exit anytime within the Program term

  • Simply pay off the Program Balance* 
  • There are no penalties for exiting early
  • You can keep 100% of any net appreciation

Choose the exit that works best for you

  • Obtain a traditional mortgage
  • Sell the property on the open market
  • Pay in cash

*The Program Balance is the total amount the REAL Homeownership Trust paid for the property less the resident’s Acquisition Premium plus a 2.5% transaction fee.

If it seems easy, that’s because it is.

No matter the circumstance, rely on REAL to help you achieve all the benefits of homeownership;

Buyers & Sellers

Get more out of your buying, selling, and owning experience. The online application can be completed in a matter of minutes, with very little documentation.

Brokers & Agents

Every year, thousands of prospective home buyers are denied their aspirations for ownership. Work with REAL to provide your clients with access to capital and the power of an all-cash transaction.