Make a home divided easier to handle and fair.

The situation

Divorce is disruptive. And often messy. People don’t plan for divorce so when it happens it can create havoc and stress on the lives of the parents, children, and sometimes even pets. The family home represents an interwoven relationship. Unweaving it equitably can be a big sticking point.

A REAL solution

  • If you’re the spouse who wants to remain in the marital home, use the REAL Program to sell and stay. It can help keep life as normal as possible for your family. If you’re the departing spouse, your name is removed from the paid-off mortgage, and you can immediately receive your share of the home equity.  
  • Use REAL to buy your next home. If both spouses want to sell — and agreeing on the price isn’t a problem — where to live after the divorce might be an issue. Since REAL doesn’t use income or employment to qualify, you can apply to qualify right away.

Get started.

Get more out of your buying, selling, and owning experience. Invest a few minutes to complete the online application to see if you qualify.