Make homeownership a part of your American dream.

The situation

The United States was known as the Great Melting Pot and has a long history of welcoming foreign-born citizens as residents. In the past, however, enjoying the benefits of homeownership after coming to America has been difficult or impossible. Many people — even those who become naturalized citizens — are forced to wait years while housing prices and rents continue to rise.

A REAL solution

  • Using REAL can firmly establish foreign-born residents with a home in the United States. You become a part of your community, able to plant roots and grow your happiness with the benefits of REAL homeownership.
  • Qualifying for the REAL Program makes sense. It doesn’t require U.S. Citizenship,  a Green Card, or even a social security number. Simply provide proof of your identity using your passport. No U.S. credit, no problem. As long as you can pay the Acquisition Premium and clear a criminal background check, you can qualify.

Get started.

Get more out of your buying, selling, and owning experience. Invest a few minutes to complete the online application to see if you qualify.