Make your existing home the home of your dreams.

The situation

There are many reasons not to move. The neighborhood, the schools, and the friendships. You want a different house but don’t want to sacrifice all that you already have.  What if the home of your dreams is already under your feet? With some modifications and a fresh coat of paint, you can have it all without moving.

A REAL solution

  • Sell and stay with REAL to upgrade  your home while preserving the lifestyle you love. It’s a modern solution that works in real life because it’s built for the way you want to live. 
  • Use the Program  to unlock the equity in your home to do repairs, remodel, or renovate. Make it the perfect size, redo the floor plan, or add landscaping to make it the home you’ve always wanted.

Get started.

Get more out of your buying, selling, and owning experience. Invest a few minutes to complete the online application to see if you qualify.