Make your move with no contingencies.

The situation

Relocating is hard. Across town, between states, or internationally, there are always challenges.  Selling one home to buy another, realizing equity for your next down payment, or qualifying for the new house before your old house is sold is difficult for everyone. Too often, coordinating timing between two contingent transactions impairs the negotiation and delivers undue stress on buyers, sellers, and agents alike.

A REAL solution

  • Use the REAL Program to sell your departure residence. Pay off your existing mortgage,  free up equity for a new down payment, and give yourself time for repairing and staging your old home to sell for top-dollar. 
  • Use REAL to compete and negotiate as a cash buyer for your new home. Take your time to move, repair, and sell your departure residence so you get the best price and your terms.
  • Do both. Selling your old home using REAL while buying your new home using REAL gives you ultimate flexibility and freedom. Eliminate stress, maximize your purchasing power, take your time to make good decisions. REAL dramatically improves your leverage and your life. 

Get started.

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