Make what you’ve earned go toward what’s next.

The situation

Looking forward to retirement should be exciting but is too often filled with anxiety. Real estate has always been an important tool in building wealth, but accessing that wealth is challenging. And there are many questions. Where to live? How best to afford it? What other expenses are there? Once they retire, many people are forced to sell their home to access equity but find it difficult to obtain financing for their post-retirement home.  

A REAL solution

  • Sell and stay in your existing home using the REAL Program. This allows you access to the equity you’ve earned over the years without the need to move — at least, until you’re ready.  Make any repairs or alterations that might make your home perfect for retirement and continue to enjoy the old neighborhood.
  • Use REAL to buy your retirement home. That perfect size, ideal floor plan, nicely landscaped, warm-weather property you’ve always wanted. Then, take the time to get your life and your old home ready for what’s next. When the moment comes, sell the old home, pay off the REAL Program Balance, and enjoy your mortgage-free golden years.

Get started.

Get more out of your buying, selling, and owning experience. Invest a few minutes to complete the online application to see if you qualify.